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Sun and Moon

You were like the sunlight and thy moon. You shed light, warm, and cold. It wrapped the soulless body. Then, beyond, blessed by the sky and thy earth.

You were the sun. You shined every time I see you. It was the brightest smile. From the tip of your lips to the end of your ears was the brightest. It was like the sun that lit through the in between of my fingers. My soulless body became full. When you speak becomes the music to my ears. There was rhythm, melody, and tune. It was so beautiful.

You were the moon. You lit each night with the stars above the sky. Whenever I am alone, you will show the brightest you. It was like I am sleeping in a rainbow of dreams. Then I will fall asleep thinking about you. I will fall deep into the arms of your light and shadow. The cold breeze at night will envelop my soulless body. It will give cold yet I feel warm inside.


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