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This is a pure admiration
Of sincerity, and a declaration
Of love, hope, and affection.
I am yet to speak my devotion.
Let alone the stars witness my notion
Of how love can mess my emotion.

Yet how unstable it would be
To feel paranoia and insecurities.
Sleepless night, counting sheeps;
Unspoken feeling that they don’t see.
Bounded by my immaturity
Ripen by trust, patience and fidelity.

No words can describe exactly
Of how much fancy and fluttery
I get whenever I met your eyes.
Your lips and your smile;
And you being mine
Are the treasures I will keep for a lifetime.

I could fit into his broad arms
I will always yearn for his warmth.
I will always long to see
The dimple on his cheek;
The mole on his neck
His tan and tall
And everything I could fall for.

But most of all
That pierces through my heart, and soul
Is his plain honesty, and utmost sincerity
Of love, admiration, and simplicity.
A euphoria when I fall deep
Into the pit of selfless love and greed.