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You and Me on Parallel World

You and Me on Parallel World


If there is a time machine invented, what part of your life do you want to go back? If there is a real time machine, would you change your past? Or would you rather look up to the future and see what’s going to happen?

There are things we have done that we regret so much. There are things we have not done yet we wanted to see what’s the end of it if we make the move. There are so many thoughts in our minds. We want to change something for the better. We want to peek at the future so we can prevent bad things from happening. We defy the space and gravity looking for answers to our unending questions and regrets.

You have hurt a friend and you cannot make up with him. You have a fight with your partner yet nothing is resolved. We killed with our abusive thoughts. We think bad to the good ones. We love and hate each other. We end up breaking our heart and soul. We keep fixing others yet we are the ones that are broken.

I met you on this messy world. You were broken. I was half empty. You were wounded by the things you loved the most. I was trying to fix your soul. We were on the verge of falling but we keep on hanging on. You were the one I wanted the most but we could not be together.

The hopes and the regrets we create are still here. We try to find the pieces of the time we lost and put it back together.

What if there’s a real time machine where we can erase the regrets?

When we see another world, it makes a parallel one. We create another timezone and space of ours. We see ourselves sitting happily on a bench under the the shade of tree. We try to picture out a world without a mess. It’s a world with no regret.

I see you sitting beside me. We eat alone on a happy weekend. You are all fixed. I am so full of thoughts. You smile to your heart’s content. I am the happiest. We close our eyes and dream. We are in each other’s arm.

If there will be a time machine where we can change the past and overlook the future, things would be easy. Yet if we re-create them, there’s a possibility that a parallel world is being created. The world where our thoughts are in good shape.

But the real world does not change the fact that we have done something regretful. There are worlds being created within our own time machine but we cannot erase the fact that a real world is still living. A time machine can be made, but science cannot fix everything.

The thing we wanted the most is, a world of peace. A place of nothing but happiness. We need not to change a thing in the past or overlook the future. The only thing we can do is start changing the present. We think before we move our hands or our feet.

We can create a world within our world without having a time machine. We can change what is going to happen if we leap with our faith.

You can have anything. I can be with you. I do not regret a single thing meeting you. I wish of this parallel world yet I want you to be with me in reality.