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I once believed

That a star can be outshined by a stone.

And so I let go

Of the brightest one I know

Whom I admired, hoped, and longed for.


I was told

That you are a bamboo.

The fragrance of truth never affects you.

Tall and straight;

But never can withstand the burn.


I was advised

That you show no endeavor,

A little attempt is all you can afford for.

A little is enough;

And too much is extravagant.


Never did I questioned;

Never did I doubt;

Instead I trust, hope, and hold on to;

When a plant that’s been withered

Can still be fertile when watered.


It was bliss in a moment

But a moment has gone past.

You who have pulled me

In my own pain and loneliness

Has also break me into pieces.


I was taught

That understanding means forgiveness;

And forgiveness is serenity.

Yet I was questioned

Of how far shall I plan to bear it all on my own?


It was foolish

That I can fight my own blood and soul

Just so I can keep the water.

I could tire myself writing letters

Of how I felt from the very moment you enter.


It was heartbreaking

That when I asked for a little affection;

A little piece of your time and effort;

It bleed deeply on me

Asking was too much for your ego and tea.


Long before

And until now I keep insisting

That you will change; you are still growing

But only faults are on the run

In the end, no apology has ever been done.


You always say

That it’s me who created the mess

So I should stop and made a fool of myself

I doubt it was me

For I speak the feelings that I wanted to set free.


I was naïve

That I disregarded my own belief and conscience

Just so I could be with you;

I simply ignored what others say

But you will never do the same.


So I was told

That a guy will be a man

Only if he sees your worth; seize your worth;

A man will be a real man;

If pride will no longer be of hindrance in love.


And so I listened

That love is not love

When we think of it as responsibility instead of commitment.

When the love becomes burden

It breaks into silence; torn into pieces.


I cried enough

That for once I become alive and happy

Yet I can’t fathom and continue believing;

If from the start

The weight of love will always be on me.


Still a stone is a stone.

Hard, dull, and daunting.

A bamboo that is strong and unyielding.

But never did have any difference

To a coward who runs in midst of trouble and disagreement.






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This is a pure admiration
Of sincerity, and a declaration
Of love, hope, and affection.
I am yet to speak my devotion.
Let alone the stars witness my notion
Of how love can mess my emotion.

Yet how unstable it would be
To feel paranoia and insecurities.
Sleepless night, counting sheeps;
Unspoken feeling that they don’t see.
Bounded by my immaturity
Ripen by trust, patience and fidelity.

No words can describe exactly
Of how much fancy and fluttery
I get whenever I met your eyes.
Your lips and your smile;
And you being mine
Are the treasures I will keep for a lifetime.

I could fit into his broad arms
I will always yearn for his warmth.
I will always long to see
The dimple on his cheek;
The mole on his neck
His tan and tall
And everything I could fall for.

But most of all
That pierces through my heart, and soul
Is his plain honesty, and utmost sincerity
Of love, admiration, and simplicity.
A euphoria when I fall deep
Into the pit of selfless love and greed.

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The Idea of Falling In Love

I have actually fallen in love in the idea of falling.

When I thought of the butterflies coming out of my stomach, it give me chills and all the thrills I want when I fall in love.

When I see you walking, coming closer to where I am, you let the time stop for a moment. A slow motion has happened. Everything becomes blurry, and you are the only thing that my eyes can see.

When you go near me, you talk to me. You fill the air with the things I cannot understand. You gaze right into my eye, I melt under your power. I stiff right before it does happen, and then I’ll see that you smirk.

I have fallen in love in the idea of falling.

Whenever I hear your voice, it will be the music to my ears. Those laughter I cannot contain. You can make a good voice message and send it to me everyday.

Ah, I cannot hide it myself.

The love I want to be with. The love that will rejoice. The love that will open a door.

Yet, profoundly, I am not in love for real but a confusion I made myself.

You were not the love I am looking for. It was a mistake from the very start. The thought of you coming in and out, making my heart pound was a confusion.

I was in love with the idea.

The real love have yet to come.

Because every time ‘the love’ I thought from the very start was not a drug but poisonous.

The time I thought that stops whenever you walk was a mere creation by fools like me. There is no significant to this. You walk by feet. You held your head up high. It was not me you are looking.

It was not me after all.

The love I am looking for became a toxic idea of fantasy.

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Titignan Kita

Titignan kita.

At aking huhulihin ang iyong mga mata.

Na para bang mapapako ang tingin,

At unti-unting mahuhulog sa akin.


Titignan kita.

Ngunit ikaw’y iiwas din.

Na parang ayaw mapukaw ang tingin,

At hindi malaman ang gagawin.


Titignan kita.

Ngingiti na bahagya lang ang makikita.

Titingala at mapapamulsa.

Saka naman’y magpapahuli sa akin, sinta.

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You and Me on Parallel World

You and Me on Parallel World


If there is a time machine invented, what part of your life do you want to go back? If there is a real time machine, would you change your past? Or would you rather look up to the future and see what’s going to happen?

There are things we have done that we regret so much. There are things we have not done yet we wanted to see what’s the end of it if we make the move. There are so many thoughts in our minds. We want to change something for the better. We want to peek at the future so we can prevent bad things from happening. We defy the space and gravity looking for answers to our unending questions and regrets.

You have hurt a friend and you cannot make up with him. You have a fight with your partner yet nothing is resolved. We killed with our abusive thoughts. We think bad to the good ones. We love and hate each other. We end up breaking our heart and soul. We keep fixing others yet we are the ones that are broken.

I met you on this messy world. You were broken. I was half empty. You were wounded by the things you loved the most. I was trying to fix your soul. We were on the verge of falling but we keep on hanging on. You were the one I wanted the most but we could not be together.

The hopes and the regrets we create are still here. We try to find the pieces of the time we lost and put it back together.

What if there’s a real time machine where we can erase the regrets?

When we see another world, it makes a parallel one. We create another timezone and space of ours. We see ourselves sitting happily on a bench under the the shade of tree. We try to picture out a world without a mess. It’s a world with no regret.

I see you sitting beside me. We eat alone on a happy weekend. You are all fixed. I am so full of thoughts. You smile to your heart’s content. I am the happiest. We close our eyes and dream. We are in each other’s arm.

If there will be a time machine where we can change the past and overlook the future, things would be easy. Yet if we re-create them, there’s a possibility that a parallel world is being created. The world where our thoughts are in good shape.

But the real world does not change the fact that we have done something regretful. There are worlds being created within our own time machine but we cannot erase the fact that a real world is still living. A time machine can be made, but science cannot fix everything.

The thing we wanted the most is, a world of peace. A place of nothing but happiness. We need not to change a thing in the past or overlook the future. The only thing we can do is start changing the present. We think before we move our hands or our feet.

We can create a world within our world without having a time machine. We can change what is going to happen if we leap with our faith.

You can have anything. I can be with you. I do not regret a single thing meeting you. I wish of this parallel world yet I want you to be with me in reality.

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If there is only a chance to say what I feel

I would buy a time just to explain my feelings

I would go through all the obstacles

And I hope it will reach you.


If only I have the right to own every seconds with you

I will never give up on it

And hold unto it until the very end

Because every seconds with you is a chance for me


If I can only make my universe

There’s only me and you and the people who are beside us

And all the happy memories will bound there

And we will live a life of happiness


If I could only change your mind

And then I will let them see me through

I will make every minute a forever

And forever will be eternity


If only I can make my dreams turn into reality

And reality will be you

I will be the happiest human on earth

Living with no regrets as this poem ends

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Ang Uwak at Ang Oso


May isang oso ang nagbalik muli sa tubig at binagtas ang karagatan. Natuto siyang lumangoy na para bang isda. Natuto siyang makiayon sa kakayahan niyang sisirin ang kailaliman ng dagat. Nakita niya ang sariling katapangang humarap sa mga isdang lumalangoy ng malaya.

Sa kanyang pagkatutong lumangoy, sisirin ang katubigan, kinalimutan na niya kung paano siya natutong lumakad na gamit ang mga paa. Kinalimutan kung anong silbi ng mga kamay na noo’y hawak ang mga taong inakala niyang binigyan siyang buhay. Tinalikuran niya ang kalupaan. Tinalikuran niya ang mundong minahal niya ng lubos. Iyong mundong tinuring niyang tahanan at kanlungan. iyong mundong pinagkatiwalaan niya at akala’y hindi siya tatalikuran.

Ngunit sa kabila ng pagmamahal niya ay itinulak siya papalayo ng mga tao. Inilubog siya sa mga kahihiyan. Ginawaran ng mga hindi dapat. Iyong mundong akala’y hindi niya tatalikuran, ngunit huli na.

Sa kanyang pagkatuto, kinalimutan niya ang tumayo gamit ang mga paa bagkus sumisid sa kailaliman ng dagat. Hindi niya na muling makuhang magtiwala pa. Sa pagkatuto niya ay may bagay rin siyang nilimot.


May isang uwak ang natutong hindi matakot sa isang scarecrow. Matagal bago niya naisip kung bakit laging ginagawa itong panakot sa kanila. Matagal bago niya naisip na pinagmumukha lang silang tanga ng isang bagay na gawa sa mga dayami na may damit ng tao at sombrero ngunit hindi naman gumagalaw.

Sa tinagal niya sa paglipad, nagtiwala siyang makakakuha siya ng mga palay na ninananis niya. Ngunit mabubugaw lang pala siya ng isang pagkukunwari. Ilang taon ang lumipas. Ilang dayaming tao ang inakala niyang hindi masisira ang kanyang mga pakpak.

Natuto siyang huwag matakot. Natutunan niyang hindi naman iyon gumagalaw. Matalino ang uwak. Ginamit niya ang utak para makalikom ng mga palay upang siya’y mabuhay. Hindi na siya natakot bagkus pinaniwala ang sariling hindi ito masasaktan.


Sa pagkatuto ng Osong lumangoy at huwag nang bumalik sa kalupaan, at sa pagkatuto ng uwak gamit ang kanyang pagiisip ay may nilimot silang isang bagay. Hindi na nila mgawang magtiwala pa. Hindi na nila kinaya pang mahalin ang nakagawian at natuto silang isipin ang mas dapat isipin.

Nasira sila. Nabuo muli. Natuto at lumimot. Ngunit nagbago ng husto.


Anong ginawa ng pag-ibig sa inyo at humantong kayo sa ganitong sitwasyon?



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Sonnet 90

(Sonnet 90 of DABanigoos)

Then hate me when thou wilt, if ever, now,

Now while the world is bent my deeds to cross;

So hate me when you want to, but if you’re ever going to, do it now, now while the world is determined to frustrate everything I try to do.

Babangon ka nalang isang araw, wala na. Wala na yung spark na naramdaman mo noong una mong nahawakan ang mga kamay niyang mas malaki sayo. Wala na rin yung abnormal heartbeat na nararamdaman mo pag dumarating siya. Wala na yung mga effects na slow motion pagka kayo ay nagkakasama.

Wala na.

Wala na sayo yung mga asaran niyong sa huli magkakapikunan at sa pinakahuli ay magkakaroon ng yayaan. Wala ng halaga sayo ang ngiti na kala mo’y para sa iyo lamang. Wala na yung malicious thinking mo tuwing nagkakabanggaan ang inyong mga kamay, daliri, o kasu – kasuhan.

Ngayon ay nakikita mo na lamang ang sarili mo na tumatawa sa bawat jokes niya, pero hindi ka na kinikilig pa. Bakit? Hindi ko rin alam kung bakit isang araw eh maglalaho ang lahat. Hindi natin alam kung paano nagawa ng isang araw, nagawa ng isang tulog na baguhin ang takbo ng ating pagiisip.

Eh, kung ganoon lang pala kadali mawala ang lahat, bakit kailangan pa nating pagdaanan ang mga masasakit na moving on bago natin lubusang maalis sa isip natin ang taong minahal natin ng lubusan?

Nawala nga ba? O mayroon pa ring natitira? Hindi natin alam, hindi natin mabigyan ng tamang eksplenasyon ang nangyari sa atin.

Ang alam lang natin, gusto nating makita ang sarili natin na wala na yung border pag nakakasama mo siya.

Join with the spite of fortune, make me bow,

And do not drop in for an after-loss:

Add to my misfortune, make me collapse under it, don’t hit me with this later, after I’ve already endured so many other blows.

Ay hindi.

Siguro ay sadyang tumitigil lang ang puso nating magmahal pag alam nating sobra na tayong nasasaktan.

Gaano nga ba kasakit ang nagawa mo para humantong sa ganito?

Bakit dumadating sa punto na ang tao ay nagdedesisyong iwanan ang taong mahal nila. Bakit may mga taong nagagawang iwanan ang lahat ng mga memories na nangyari sa kanilang dalawa gayung parehas naman silang naging masaya?

Bakit may mga taong sobrang nag regret na naging sila? O sobrang nag-regret ng iwanan sila? Bakit naimbento ang nasa huli ang pagsisi? Hindi ba pwedeng magsisi habang nasa kalagitnaan? Hindi ba pwedeng sa umpisa palang ay magsisi ka na ng sa huli ay wala ng regret? Bakit may mga feelings na bigla nalang mawawala?

At ikaw nalang, ikaw nalang yung naiwan sa ere.

Ah, do not, when my heart hath ‘scaped this sorrow,

Come in the rearward of a conquered woe.

Ah, do not let me think I’ve avoided the sorrow of losing you, then come and reject me—right after I’ve been defeated by another grief.

Wala na.

Wala na nga ba talaga? Wala na nga bang yung sakit na nararamdaman mo pag nakikita mong may kasama siyang iba? O may katawanan siyang iba?

Wala na.

O sadyang gusto lang nating takasan ang katotohanan. Na minsan talaga sa isang buhay ay hinding -hindi ka magagawang lingunin ng taong mahal mo. Hindi dahil may stiff – neck siya, dahil ano pa bang silbi ng paglingon niya kung nasa harap naman na niya ang taong mahal niya? At hindi ikaw yon. Ibang tao. Ibang iba sa inaakala mo. Ibang iba sayo.

Wala na yung pagmamahal na inaasam – asam mo.

Hindi na nakarating sayo. Hindi na rin maibabalik sayo.

Give not a windy night a rainy morrow,

To linger out a purposed overthrow.

Don’t turn my windy night into a rainy tomorrow, prolonging the defeat you intend to give me.

Bakit nga ba hindi narereciprocate ang effort natin? Bakit nga ba walang sukling bumabalik gayong sobra naman ang binayad natin?

Gahaman kasi ang tao. Corrupt.

Na pag may sobra ay ibubulsa. At hindi na nila iintindihan pa kung may maagrabyado sila, o may masasaktang iba.

Parang politician na nangangakong para sa inyo lahat ng platapormang ito, at heto tayo naniniwalang ibibigay sa atin iyon. Na alam naman nating hinding – hindi nila gagawin iyon.

Bakit ka ba nagbayad ng sobra?

Kung mula dito hanggang Caltex eh, kalahating kilometro lang pala ang layo mo. Hindi mo ba naisip na nasayang lang ang pera mo?

O dumating ba sa isip mo na sayang lang ang effort mo, ang pagod at hirap mo sa taong kelan man ay hindi mabibigay sayo ang hiling mo—na atleast man lang, mapansin ka ng taong mahal mo.

If thou wilt leave me, do not leave me last,

When other petty griefs have done their spite

If you’re going to leave me, don’t wait until the end, after other little sorrows have done their damage.

Ang hilig kasi natin sa shortcut. Gusto natin madalian. Gusto natin pag sinuyo tayo, oo agad. Hindi man lang tayo magpa – awa effect. Pag sinabi niya, in an instance, nandon ka agad. Akala natin sa ganitong paraan eh, mahuhulog na siya sayo, hindi pala.

Nawala na yung pasensya natin sa pag – ibig.

Nawala na yung halaga kung bakit tayo umiibig. Sabi nga ng iba, hindi naman talaga bulag ang pag – ibig, nakakakita ito, pero hindi marunong mag – isip. Hindi na natin alam kung ano ba ang pinagkaiba ng greatest love sa correct love. O kung tama ba o mali ang pagmamahal, kung tama ba na siya na ang mamahalin natin habang buhay.

Ang akala kasi natin, basta nagka – spark, eh siya na. Na akala nating lahat, pag may taong kapareho natin, o bagay sa atin ay siya na. PUSH lang ng push, nabangga ka na pala! Pero magpapatuloy ka parin kasi tanga ka.

Pagkatapos, saka lang darating ang realization.

Kesyo, bakit siya? Ang tanga – tanga ko at minahal kita! Bakit pa ko nagpalandi sayo kung may nilalandi ka naman palang iba?

Bakit patuloy parin kitang minamahal ngayon alam ko namang hinding hindi mo ako magagawang mahalin?


Then it will just hit you, right in your amygdala. Iyon yung parte sa utak mo, sa may temporal lobe, na nagpa-process ng emotions mo, nandyan nakatira sila Joy, Sad, Fear, Anger at Disgust (if you know what I mean). At itong si hippocampus ay natigil na kakasend ng emotion sa utak mo dahil nagsawa na sa kaka – emote mo. Nagets mo ba? Kasi, science yan. Kung hindi, ay! wala ka na talagang pag – asa, kaya heto nagiging tanga ka sa love.

Going back.

Kailan ba tayo darating sa punto ng realization? Pag wala na ang lahat sa atin? Pag manhid na ang katawan at isip natin sa sakit?

Kailan nga ba darating yung isang araw na babangon tayong wala na.

Hanggang kailan tayo magmu – move on, if we are not moving on and we are still stuck on the same ground with him/her? Hindi ba nating kayang umalis sa nakaguhit na bilog sa paanan natin? Hindi ba natin kayang umalis at mag step forward? Bakit kailangan nating humugot ng humugot tungkol sa love? Bakit may mga taong sugatan parin kung alam naman natin na tayo ang nagkulang at hindi yung nang – iwan sa atin? Bakit may mga taong nasusugatan parin ngayong tayo lang naman ang gumagawa ng sakit sa ating mga sarili? Why hurt when nobody is hurting you at all?

Bakit hindi nating kayang kumawala sa sakit?

Bakit hindi na natin tapusin ito?

But in the onset come; so shall I taste

At first the very worst of fortune’s might;  

And other strains of woe, which now seem woe,  

Compared with loss of thee will not seem so.

Leave me at the beginning, so I experience the worst misfortune first. Then other hurtful things, which seem painful now, won’t seem so, compared with losing you.

Mahal mo.

Pero may mga bagay na dapat na tayong gumising sa lahat ng kahibangan natin. Na dapat ay marealize natin na itong pag – ibig na hinahangad natin ay hindi para sa atin.

Makuntento. Matuto.

Huwag ka ng magbayad ng sobra, o kulang. Wag ng maging tamad. Be patient and kind. Sabi nga sa paborito kong quote about love;

Love is patient, love is kind. It doesn’t envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others. it in not self – seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always, trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres.

Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

Ang hirap e – explain.

Pero sa pagkakaintindi ko ay, ang pag – ibig dapat nasa tama. Kung alam nating mali, umiwas na. Kung alam nating masisira na, ayusin. Kung alam nating may kahahantungan, dapat ay pagtibayin. Kung alam nating sugal ang pag – ibig, mag take risk—iyon ay kung alam nating sa huli ay ikaw ang magwawagi. Pero kung hindi, itigil mo na ang kalokohang iyan.

Bakit ka magmamahal ng taong hindi ka magawang sagutin ng simpleng oo at hindi? Bakit kailangan mong mag sakripisyo kung sa huli iba naman pala ang pasasalamatan niya?

Di bale na.

Hindi naman maikli ang buhay gaya ng sabi nila. Kaya lang umiikli ito ay dahil napupunta sa walang saysay ang kinahahantungan ng buhay natin. Mahaba ang buhay, mahaba pa ang panahon para makakilala ka ng taong karapat – dapat sayo.

Kung ang pag – ibig ay natagpuan mo na ngayon at alam mong siya na, wag mo ng pakawalan.

Pero ang lagi ko lamang sinasabi sa lahat, lalong lalo na sa sarili ko ay–bago mo mahalin ang iba ay matututo kang mahalin ang sarili mo. Sino na nga lang ba ang makakaunawa sa pagkatao mo maliban sa Diyos at sa bespren mong aning at mga magulang mong strict?

Wala na.

Gigising ka rin, isang umaga na mawawala na lahat. Na tatawa ka nalang sa mga korni niyang jokes pero hinding hindi ka na kikiligin pa.

Inshort, moved on. MOVE-D on.

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Imperfectly Perfect

“The beginning of love is the will to let those we love be perfectly themselves, the resolution not to twist them to fit our own image. If in loving them we do not love what they are, but only their potential likeness to ourselves, then we do not love them: we only love the reflection of ourselves we find in them”
Thomas Merton, No Man Is an Island


He’s not the ideal guy. In the four kinds of Personality Temperaments, he’s more on the Choleric type of person. He’s an egocentric and extroverted. An impulsive human who goes excited and restless. Yet he shows leadership at some point. He’s funny. Helpful. He’s a ‘twist and shout’, ‘let it be’ person.


Nope. He is not the ideal guy. He goes acting without thinking. Then he’ll realize he’s the worst. Funny though, when nags about his stupidity, he’s hopeless. But, compare to us, he’s a little more mature. That’s why he is often mistaken to be a serious, grumpy old man.


Not so long, when I met this guy. He has this admiration. Fulfills what he is ought to but when his stubbornness hit him, he goes missing. A guy you cannot understand. He’s full of mysteries and miseries everybody doesn’t want to be involved with. He’s difficult to resolve, always deciding according to his own understanding.


Yes. He is a difficult guy to begin with. He has a lot of issues both to the people surrounding him and he, himself. Can you imagine how many times he got busted because of this attitude of his? I cannot remember at all but, man! Because he is a difficult to spell with, he’s a tough one to pull the strings off. He survived!


I’ve tried to understand him. I have judged him. And until now I am still wondering why this guy is hard to deal with. He is good. Yet he’s not also. There’s always a contradicting ideas when you try to be with him. So many wondering and wanderings when you go with him. But there is always a question on my mind about this guy. What did love do unto you  that you ended up hurting yourself?


The love he felt from those he trusted with all his love and kindness were gone. You may say he has been betrayed but we cannot blame them for hating him. They have reasons and I heard them. I cannot hate them for treating him that way. He has hurt them. They have been hurting him. He has answers, yet he it was unexplained truly. He wanted to defend himself, yet he has no right to be heard. I don’t hate them. I don’t hate him. It sucks being stuck in a situation like this.


His love went to hate. He goes having trust issues. And I don’t know if he trusts me like I trust him. I don’t know if he counts me as someone who betrayed him. I don’t know if he accepts me fully as a friend who will truly understand him despite the difficulties and issues he have. When I go asking, he answers with a question. He’s broken. We are all broken.


He is imperfectly perfect. He is fragile as a beautiful vase placed on a golden table. He’s not the ideal guy. He is difficult. He has many issues on hand. But above all, I respect his bravery standing at the middle of the people he once loved and trusted.


Enthrall snob of jar




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Pagka Tinamaan Ka


Pagka Tinamaan Ka.


Sabi nila, pag binato ka ng bato, batuhin mo raw ng tinapay.


Eh, what if, hindi naman pala bato ang tumama sa iyo? Tinapay pa rin ba ang ibabalik mo rito? O ibabalik mo pa nga talaga?


What if hindi pala palaso ang dala ni Kupido, kung hindi bato? At ibinato iyon sa iyo para matauhan ka ng totoo? Si kupido nga ba talaga ang bumato? O baka naman tayo lang rin ang bumabato sa sarili natin?


Pagka tinamaan ka, tatamaan ka talaga.


Some people will not realize what they should have realized if they will not be hit. Literal nga ba? Hindi kasi natin alam minsan kung ano ba talaga itong dapat tumama sa atin bago pa tayo may marealize. Kakatukin ka pa ng konsensya mo kung oo o hindi ang dapat mong isagot.


Ang tao, kung minsan, hirap silang mataaman ng realization. Hirap silang tamaan ng katotohanan. Yung iba kasi ipipilit pa nila sa sarili nilang wala namang nangyari. Kumbaga kailangan uli nilang batuhin para mas matauhan pa lalo. O hindi kaya naman, kailangan mas solid pa sa bato ang ipukpok sa ulo nila. May iba kasi na, kahit anong gawin mong pagpapaintindi sa iba, wa-epek.


‘oy! Mahal kita! Naiintindihan mo ba ako?’


Naiintindihan kita. Alam kong naiintindihan ka rin niya, kaso talagang manhid siya. Tinamaan siya, pero hindi sa puso, sa tenga—at take note dalawa ang tenga ng tao, so—pasok sa sa kaliwa, labas sa kanan. Oo, napaka-solid ng pagkakabigkas mo ng ‘mahal kita’ pero hindi iyon ang makakapagsabing—pag tinamaan ka, tatamaan ka talaga. One hit only. No bread came back. Nothing came up to realization.


Bakit? Kasi manhid siya.


May dalawang mata, dalawang tenga, pandama, panbigkas ng mga salita, at may buhok siya—pero ang sense of all senses, wala siya. Wala sa bokabularyo niyang mahalin ka. Wala sa bokabularyo niyang batuhin ka ng tinapay. Ang mas matindi pa noon ay mas solid pa sa bato—mas solid pa sa kahit anong solid ang ibinato sayo.




Five letters—one word. Yun yung word after ng—THANK YOU, BUT—.


Sa tingin mo ba matatauhan siya? Sa tingin mo ba mare-realize niya rin kaya kung gaano mo siya kamahal?


What if—hindi pala ikaw ang taong nagpa-realize sa kanya ng sense of all senses, yung love? What if may iba na siyang binato ng tinapay? At take not—hindi pala niya binato kung hindi—ibinigay ng buong buo? What if nataaman na pala siya—pero hindi sa iyo?


Andaming what if’s sa utak mo. Ang daming tanong na gusto mong masagot kung bakit hindi ka magawang lingunin ng crush mo—kesyo baka may stiff neck at napako sa ibang direksyon? Ano nga ba talaga ang tumama sa ating lahat—at baka nalunon na ni Darna kaya naman wala ng maka-realize ng dapat marealize?


Pero bakit nga ba? Hindi kaya sa maling tao mo naibato ang dapat sa tamang tao mo ibabato?


What if—ikaw pala itong hindi pa talaga natatamaan ng totoo? At ngayon mo palang narerealize na hindi siya talaga ang dapat tamaan nito kung hindi sa iba? Yung sobrang lapit sa atin pero dahil sa iba napukaw ang ating tingin, hindi natin makita?


What if ikaw pala ang dapat maka-realize na –‘hoy! Andito ako, mahal kita at handa akong mahalin ka!’


But it takes a lot of time to see something so real.