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The Paradox of Happiness


There was once a wanderer who strolled around the planet only to seek the real happiness.

He stumbled upon wealthy man who claimed that he owns the sun, the moon, and the stars and all he riches in the land. He proclaimed, “Rich as I can be, King is what I am be!” yet he was alone sitting on an isolated throne.

But then, he encountered a landless farmer who wishes to own the sun, the moon, and the stars. He do not own a single thing but a seed that makes him grateful of living. He exclaimed, “Unfortunate I may be, but I live joyfully!” living with his family on a barn tree.

He went on and on until he crossed path with a busy man who possesses many clocks of all sort. He seemed to engage all his time working and working and working! “I am busy as a bee, I have no time to answer your plea!”

He, then, met an idle man who did not own but one defective clock. He was sitting pretty having his cup of tea with his friends and family. “I am, yet the time I keep the most is for my love that I hope.”

As he wandered and wandered around the planet, the quest to find the real happiness seems to be clearer to him.

Later on, he tripped down to a land of perfection where everything is in symmetry and symmetrical at all. He found out the one living in the town is the perfectionist who hated broken and flaws. His life was all planned and colored black and white, but, he was not happy at all.

Yet a guy living next to him painted his surrounding beyond their imaginations. It was the most perfectly imperfect to the wanderer. It was all colored with black, and white, and yellow, and red, and blue, and all sort! “And all the colors splattered creating a new world.”

After mesmerizing the place he has been, he walked away to wander again. After hours of looking for the answers, he heard his tummy cried. He sat on a bench. He was tired yet full of wonders himself.

A hopeless man was walking down the aisle when he stopped in front of the wanderer. “I have nothing but one bread and one cup to drink. You could have the other half and the other half is mine.” The wanderer has a huge smile on his face.

They happily eat each other’s half bread and drink to their fullest. But then, the wanderer was confused of the hopeless man’s action. He then said, “Nothing may I have, yet the joy I get in sharing with others is the true happiness.”

EUREKA! It was the real happiness he was looking for at the very start. The wanderer thanked the man he ate with as he stood up and go back to the place where he belongs. It was a great adventure indeed!