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How do you define failure and success? It may be a satisfaction and disappointment, yet one thing in common is that, there is a struggle to begin with.

People have different struggles that can only lead into its success or into its failure. One may have gone through sleepless nights to finish a project or to memorize an entire chapter. One may struggle to make into the cut off-grade or at least trying to prove his/her worth to stay on top. One may still try to fit in order to survive.

One may still feel dissatisfied even after its success. One may still feel disappointment after barely passing an exam. One has regretted many times because of his /her own failure. While others may think that it’s okay but it’s not. We judge people by its outcome yet we really did not know the process.

The struggle we all have gone through may be a success or a failure but it defines who we are. It makes one soul stronger and better. We may not achieve what we really want to, or we may not receive the equivalent of what we deserve, but it is not yet the end of the line. There will always be a long fight and along this we learn by the challenges. We learn by our own struggle.